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BBC World Service invites you to the first 'live audience' of the podcast recording of 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter

Join us on the evening 12th June 2019

Join us for a live podcast show in the historic BBC Radio Theatre on the evening of Wednesday 12th June for “30 Animals That Made Us Smarter” the evening before PODCAST DAY. This BBC World Service podcast about amazing animals and what we have learnt from them. It brings together the wonders of the animal kingdom with innovation and technology and is presented by one of the rising stars of natural history programmes, Patrick Aryee.

This is going to be the first "live audience" version of the show. You can find all episodes here. Each episode tells the story of a technological or scientific breakthrough which has come about as a result of humans learning from animals.

If you would like to attend this 'Live Audience' a link will be sent out by us in our next newsletter and will be available on our website at the same time.