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Equality & Diversity at Radiodays Europe

Radiodays Europe & PODCAST DAY by Radiodays Europe are committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a culture of equality and diversity in employment of staff and in the invitation of speakers, presenters, moderators and all volunteers. Radiodays Europe policy is to ensure all are treated equitably, and where they can, realise their potential whatever their age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, creed, disability, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, parental status, religion, belief or non-belief, social or economic class, employment status, or any other criteria that cannot be shown to be properly justifiable. The overall aim of this commitment is to ensure that throughout Radiodays Europe all of those involved are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.

In 2018 PODCAST DAY by Radiodays Europe had more women speakers than men on the stage. The break-out track was predominately women and the audience for PODCAST DAY was almost half male and female. We are proud of our work to bring more women to the stage this year and will continue to work to create equality at our events. 

In 2019 PODCAST DAY by Radiodays Europe again worked towards the number of speakers on the stage who were women. 

In 2020 we are committed to working to continue to get the mix of men and women on the stage balanced but also to greater diverstiy on our stage. This is an action taken by our Board, our Executive Board and by our Programme Committee.