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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for PODCAST DAY by Radiodays Europe

Online registration & payment

How do I register for PODCAST DAY?

Registration is online at the PODCAST DAY website.

Are there discount entries?
Yes, by registering before a certain date, which will be announced by PODCAST DAY you can receive discount rates. Discount prices may apply if you have a ”Partner Organisation Code” or are employed by a company which is VAT-registered in the country where the event is held. 

What is a ”Partner Organisation Code”?
Radiodays Europe has a number of partner organisations in different countries – see the list under ”Partner Organisations”.  If you are employed by a company that is a member of one of these organisations please contact that organisation for a ”Partner Organisation Code”.  This code must be entered during the registration process. You can find out which companies are Partner Organisations here.

How do I pay for my registration?
You can pay for your registration using major cards including Visa (Debit/Credit) and Mastercard.

I will need an invoice for my accounting how do I get an invoice?
PODCAST DAY accepts payments only by credit card. If you have a query about invoices please contact rde@meetx.se

Financial information & VAT

What is the benefit of being part of a company with VAT-registration?
For companies VAT registered in country ”Reverse charge” applies. Radiodays Europe will not add VAT on top of the price of your ticket.  For all others the  VAT at the local country rate is included in the price of your ticket.

What is the Corporate Address of PODCAST DAY by Radiodays Europe? 
The Corporate Address of PODCAST DAY is the Radiodays Europe address: Radiodays Europe, C/o Peter Niegel, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Emil Holms kanal 20 (3,5), 0999 Copenhagen, Denmark

What is the VAT number and Bank Account details for RDE? 
The VAT number and Bank Account details for RDE can be found here

Who do I contact for any problems with invoices, finance & any other quires related to finance?
For all queries regarding invoices & finance please contact - rde@meetx.se


How do I know whether my payment for the ticket went through? 
The final page of your registration confirms you have been successful. You will also be sent a confirmation email immediately after registration and a Participants email one to two weeks before the event with final details. 

Speakers & programme 

How do I become a speaker or suggest a session? 
To become a speaker please submit your session on the website, this will be available at the start of each new year of the event. All speaker suggestions will be sent to the Programme Group, each speaker suggestion will be assessed and speakers of interest will be contacted by the Programme Committee Assistant. 

When are speakers announced? 
Speakers for PODCAST DAY are announced from the time that registration opens until the date of the event, speakers are confirmed by email and announced publicly. 

I am a speaker where do I find information on presentations, set up, submitting my bio/pic? 
Please contact your session producer to receive all the information for the event.

I am a journalist, I would like to contact a PODCAST DAY speaker for an interview, how do I do this? 
Please contact the RDE Communications Manager rosie@radiodayseurope.com

Sponsors & partners

How to apply to become a sponsor PODCAST DAY?
Any company can apply to sponsor PODCAST DAY here

Where can I download the Commercial Partners catalogue? 
To download the commercial partners catalogue which lists all sponsorship options you must apply to become a sponsor.

How to apply to become a media and official partners?

Media Partners and Official Partners can apply on the event website here


How do I apply for press accreditation?
All press must apply for press accreditation. Please contact the Communications Manager - rosie@radiodayseurope.com

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation policy
Registration is binding and payment for tickets will not be refunded.  If, as a registered delegate cannot participate, you can transfer the ticket to another person please contact -  rde@meetx.se

Force Majeure
PODCAST DAY by Radiodays Europe (RDE) reserves the right to modify dates, locations, time schedules and programmes caused by “force majeure”. “Force majeure” is defined as incidents beyond anyone’s control such as - but not limited to - general strikes, invasions, hostilities, war, rioting or similar situations, or acts-of-God such as - but not limited to - epidemics, floods, volcanic eruption, earthquakes or other convulsions of nature and other acts. In that case, the registration remains binding.

In the case of event cancellation directly or indirectly caused by - or resulting from - "force majeure", Radiodays Europe will notify the registered persons. The contract shall automatically terminate, and the Association Radiodays Europe may retain as liquidated damages any and all fees paid by the registered person.

Theses T&C's were published for 2020 and during the registration process participants are asked to agree to these T&C's.