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The Podcast Headlines with James Cridland

Live radio is not a thing on headphones but podcasts are...and more insights

James Cridland is an anorak, he won't mind us saying this because he's also an expert in all things podcast! 

This update goes into listening platform wars, 68% of people using Apple and then the rest. This is Downloads not people. If you look at audience Apple has a third and Spotify has a quarter - to be noted when promoting your services! 

"Spotify listeners are different and listen to different things!"

Amazon is coming into the space and so the world of podcast will change again! 

Podcast rankers from around the world, very few measure everybody! But better than the Apple charts which focusing on trending podcasts. 

Dynamic-ad insertion but again dynamic-content insertion is the thing to watch - James gave examples from the US and Australia. 

Local! Alfred is a podcast in Shrewsbury in the UK - Hyper local Podcasting is coming!!!

Spotify and closed exclusives are closing in, beware! 

That was the Podcast weather forecast from James Cridland see more at podnews.net

*thanks to RAJAR for the slide used in this article