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Brown girls winning too

Saving the history of stories of women especially south east Asian women’s love lives and sex lives

The team from Brown Girls talk about what it was like to win big at the British Podcast Awards.

So how did it all start, Rayan’s mum basically, and saving the history of stories of women especially south east asian women’s love lives and sex lives.

It’s time to talk about sex… “the audio therapy that podcasting gives you is a fun thing to play with so I was really happy to do it”, Rubina.

The team spoke about working with the BBC Asian Network and having the backing of such a big platform and also, the freedom of working on this type of platform. Both noted that the ability to use humor when both Rubina and Poppy usually work in a more serious way. This panel format was a good format for this podcast but in terms of content honesty was a big part of the tone.

The surprise for the team was how big this podcast has become and two very different people coming together and becoming friends through working on this podcast. Finally they spoke about success and how this has been affected by the pandemic. “I knew this podcast was going to be a success…because what you were saying has never been said before” Rayan’s faith in the show is heart warming.

And the last word to Rubina and Poppy “Have fun, be authentic, be true to your voice, be weird and listen back to everything you make”, Rubina, “Be really honest…if you have a really good story that hasn’t been told before, just let loose”! Poppy.