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All the information you need to join PODCAST DAY Online 2020


How do I access the stream?

All the information you need to access the stream is on this page, including the URL plus the name and email address you used to register to enter the platform:


How do I get onto the PODCAST DAY Online event?
To access this stream you must be registered for PODCAST DAY Online, you can register here, once you are registered you must also send a mail and the URL to the stream platform will be sent to you

Who do I contact if I can't access the stream?
Our technical helpdesk is open from Sunday 25 October and all day Monday 26 October, for all technical questions please send an email to: helpdesk@radiodayseurope.com

What do I need to access the stream?

You will need your name and the email you registered with, if you were registered as a group booking please confirm your email was entered in our registration system.

Where can I see the programme & speakers?
You can see the full programme & speakers list on our website.

I want to ask questions to the speaker, how can I do this?
If you want to ask our speakers a question before the event you can do this via our Voice Message service provided by telbee, just click on the button at the side of this home page and leave your message.

How do I chat with other participants during the sessions?
There will be a comment/chat function on the streaming platform where you can make comments and chat with other participants at the event. The usual rules of comments apply when using this function - be polite!

What interactive sessions can I join and when?
There are 3 short moderated Interactive sessions which you can join. These sessions are based around a single discussion topic, there will be a moderator on each session hosting the discussion. Find out the Zoom details here: https://www.radiodayseuropepodcastday.com/join-meet-ups

Anyone who is registered for this event can join these sessions which will be held on Zoom although there are limited places. The sessions you can join are at and the discussion topics are:

12.00 - 12.15 - Lunch

- Session 1:  Stars, Talent and Content - Details on the Stream & in the Registered Participants mail
- Session 2: Marketing, Sales and Markets - Details on the Stream & in the Registered Participants mail

14.00 - 14.15 - Break

Session 3:  Platforms, Research and Production - Details on the Stream & in the Registered Participants mail

 Find out the Zoom details here: https://www.radiodayseuropepodcastday.com/join-meet-ups

Where can I watch the Catch Up video so I can watch the event in my own time?
You can watch the Catch Up videos of the whole of this event on our Vimeo platform after the event has ended. Details will be sent to all registered participants.

Who do I contact for an invoice for my tickets?
If you or you company require an invoice for this event please contact rde@meetx.com

My colleague wants to join the session but the stream is live how do they do this?
Your colleague will first have to register for the event and send a mail to ticketsales@radiodayseurope.com at the same time and a link will be sent to them to join the stream.