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An intense relationship with their audiences in reflecting life right now

The team from Newscast bring you their own brand of excitement and insights into running a podcast in the time of Covid-19.

“Amazing…but as a broadcasting experience, quite amazing” To put this in perspective in a hugely difficult time where many people were losing their lives, an intense relationship with their audiences in reflecting life right now.

This team had a wealth of experience at recording remotely from their days on Brexitcast however the change that Covid brought in terms of technical challenges have taken a while to solve and even improve on from the early days of the quarantine.

In talking about challenges they agreed that the physical distance is difficult. Adam Fleming said he felt that messages are not the same. Also the emotional content, which has been sent to the show, has been difficult on a personal level to deal with, then to take it on-air and remain professional really has shown the quality of the presenters.

The intensity of the relationship with the audience has been a huge part of that experience though one difficulty of this podcast was tone. “If you are honest about how you are reacting to it and you are honest in your interactions with the people you are speaking to then you get that right” was Adam’s view.

The team discussed the content that they could create during pandemic and how this differed from what they would have maybe created in other times. Also about the future of the podcast and where it goes now as the pandemic continues. When is the right time to record and publish and how do you deal with breaking news.

With some light moments, which show why this podcast has had such a huge impact, and some great insights into running an intense daily podcast in a moment which is changing the world…listen now.