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Pitching to giants - “One team, deep collaboration”

Winning business is like producing a show

10 specific examples of how to pitch to giants, in 10 minutes (16 really).

The theme which runs through all of these pitches is “Winning business is like producing a show”.

“How to do outbound…just don’t, it’s creepy!”

How to pitch…don’t! Strategy & processes are the basis of a great show.

Steve gave some great examples of how strategy and processes work in the real world.

“How to respond to RFPs…we don’t!”

Again Steve’s view was that collaboration is the best way to work with a client, just answering RFPs doesn’t work as there is no room to create strategies and develop ideas with the client.

“Process over pitcheswe make great work in a specialized space!”

Word of mouth and championing the idea of process over pitches brings clients to them. This is always about working together find a ‘solution’. Learning about the business, their goals and their clients and it’s all about everyone coming together.

He showed what a successful podcast looks like…

“Build deep domain expertise. Then share it.”

You need experts in podcasting, you also have to let the rest of the world know you have these people available – through blogs, speaking at events etc.

“Get rid of your ego. Focus relentlessly on client service”

You don’t know what is best, “you need to build a shared understanding with your new partners”. Imagine your dream agency partner and then the goal is to become that partner. Fun also matters!

“Curiosity, Empathy and Listening”

“Every new client is totally unique, every new client is making a podcast for their own reasons it could be brand positioning, brand awareness, it could be relationship building, it could be thought leadership” but all companies are different and your job is to find out all about them. You will help them to make a podcast. It will make you better.

“Push for client success not client happiness”

Do things that will make them successful you have to be able to bring your expertise to help with success.

“One team, deep collaboration”

Integration is the key to make a project successful as there is expertise in a team not two sides of the same coin.

“Shift your beliefs about podcasts and brands”

Working with companies is not a means to an end or a pay check. The brand has to be the centre of the work and want to make a successful show for your brands. Passion is important.