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Germany 3000 - The art of the interview

Best interviewer at the German Podcast Awards

Isabella Schreier said that one of the reasons they are so successful is that they go deep into research. There is no team around this podcast just the presenter and interviewee. They look for the best locations for these interviews so that the people are in their comfort zone. In postproduction they add little sequences of the host in monologue, so you can hear her thoughts in the interview, this really brings something different to the podcast.

Germany 3000 as a brand is about informing young people about political and social issues. They try to get a mix of interviews about peoples lives and plus political and societal issues, for example pop stars who share their positions. Guests are always chosen from well-known personalities or those who can speak on specific topics.

The research for this podcast is extensive, they send out a pre-show questionnaire, they speak with friends, mentors, companions and ask for as much information as possible. Many guests are surprised by the in-depth knowledge of the host and they have had some emotional responses to their research.

Isabella then spoke about using social media channels to promote their podcast. Guests also have content and can promote episodes. The community also has a platform on which to discuss the topics that are being discussed and call to action to discuss topics on Instagram.