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Pitching to platforms

Podcasts need to have quality that makes it relevant across territories

“We know that these platforms have multiplied of the past few years, with a lot of them offering exclusive or original content for paid subscribers but the environment is changing so rapidly that a lot of creators are wondering how to navigate this space?” Sarah Toporoff, Netia started this session by framing this discussion.

Steffen Raastrup, Head of Content, described where Podimo is available, he said they were a pod-catcher with a premium tier. He said their primary vertical is True Crime, self development and personal stories and authentic accounts of life.

Karine Leyzin, Chief Content Officer, said Sybel is a broadcaster and said they have exclusive premium content, so they only have scripted series which is very original. They are worldwide in French, Spanish and soon in English. They are also big in the space for kids and young adults as an alternative to the screen. A fair price is also a key point for Sybel.

“Good stories, well written, the scripts and development are the most important…the creation upstream is really important” said Karine, she said they look for an interactive and immersive experience for listeners, something powerful which are innovative in the content of form. She said that they look to make original content which are everlasting and international shows which appeal worldwide.

Steffen said that he looks for local content as 90% of all podcast content is consumed in the local language. He said he felt that the shows should be relevant to you in your local language. He also noted that for big scripted series however “It needs to have quality that makes it relevant across territories and that means that, can’t be so local that it can only be in that territory so this mix between the local feel and scalability”. He also thinks podcasts need to be substantial and the content has to make people want to listen week after week and build that listening habit.

Steffen said that at Podimo has an eco system that is fair, the subscription funds are divided between the creators so a podcast is doing well means it reflects in the revenue a podcast earns. Again, there is also a local team and engage with creators and who is the target demographic and working together on live events and merchandising.

Karine said that Sybel is the leader in France and they have just launched in Spain. They have good listening per month, the creators don’t need to share with music or free podcasts it’s only a selection of the best. Sustained creation upstream is very important, finance 100% their productions so Sybel takes the risk and the creators have the freedom to create the series they want and they will be financed from the beginning of the project.