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Looking for a light

Spain cried with this podcast

Many people in this situation are looking for a light in this pandemic situation. 

This is a very personal project Fran Izuzuquiza, Founder, Yes We Cast has taken on in making the Podcast Looking for the Life. 

Fran received a message from his father who was in hospital for 100 days with Covid-19, saying "I'm dying". 

Fran started to write down everything that was happening in the outside world so the podcast is a diary of life. Fran's father went into a coma in April although his father listened to all the episodes in May when he woke. His father thought it was like a nightmare film. 

This whole new world was something Fran's father couldn't see he did say he liked being famous. The podcasts finished at the moment Fran's father recovered however he subsequently died, Spain cried. 

Fran decided that this podcast had to do good by telling this story and help raise awareness, his father didn't die of Covid but the complications due to the virus. Fran's daughter "Luz" inspired this podcast as she was born during the pandemic, Fran's father cried when he heard that Luz had been born, she has been the reason for everyone to keep going especially Fran's mother. 

Fran said that the support was 'incredible and unexpected...from people all over the world', it made Fran feel understood "Sharing this example may have helped other people too".

The sound design was important and was design by Alberto Espinosa, the music re-created the 'safe place' Fran created. Alberto was able to understand what Fran wanted to share, all the music and lyrics are important to the story. 

All the podcast income is for the Red Cross in Spain, they raised more around 2,000EUR. 

How can this podcast help others, Fran said he is telling everyone's story and this is not a joke. He emplored everyone to stay safe otherwise you may lose someone!