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What you are reading here is the  PODCAST DAY 2019 Programme. If you would like to suggest a session or a speaker for PODCAST DAY 2020 please contact

Room 1 - Track 1

Host: Martin Liss, Media & Management Consultant, Germany and Special Guest Suchandrika Chakrabarti, Freelance Journalist, UK

9.00 - 9.05    Opening  

Welcome to the 3rd Podcast Day by Radiodays Europe – welcome to London! A full day jam-packed with the latest information, cases, strategies, numbers, trends and interesting people. Listen, learn, ask and network at the center of the podcasting community!

9.05 - 9.25    Up First - Neal Carruth, Senior Director On Demand News, NPR, USA

The two major American morning news podcasts, The Daily (NYT) and Up First (NPR), are the envy of Europe. Senior Director Neal Carruth (NPR) was instrumental in the development of Up First and will share what he think is the secret behind the success of Up First and how to develop formats for other “daily habit” properties like NPR News Now and The Indicator.

9.25 - 9.45    Winner of 5 British Podcast Awards - George The Poet, Poet and Podcaster, UK, in conversation with Edith Bowman, TV and Radio Broadcaster, Soundtracking, UK

2019 saw George The Poet winning "Podcast Of The Year” as well as four other Gold and two Silver British Podcast Awards.  The judges called it a unique mix of drama, news, poetry, observations, lived experience, experimental ideas and music. On stage at PODCAST DAY, George The Poet will be interviewed by Edith Bowman, creator and host of the multi award-winning podcast Soundtracking.

9.45 - 10.14    Beef and Dairy Network - Benjamin Partridge, Producer & Writer, Beef and Dairy Network, UK

Benjamin Partridge is a comedy writer, producer and podcaster. In 2015 he started the Beef and Dairy Network, which among other things has won Best Comedy at the British Podcast Awards in 2017 and 2018.  On stage at PODCAST DAY, Benjamin Partridge will be interviewed by Matt Deegan of Folder Media.

10.14 - 10.20    Target Spot Presents - Alexandre Vekhoff, SVP Business Development, Targetspot, France

Targetspot, pioneer in digital audio solutions, has developed a unique Podcast Platform allowing you to set your podcast & get online very fast, share easily and measure audience with extremely accurate metrics and analytics dashboards. That’s the fundamentals! The incredible added value of our solution relies on two unparalleled benefits: flexible monetization and remarkable promotion. Join our speed presentation to discover our platform, learn how to monitor and increase revenues with our plug & play solution and how to grow your audience with our astonishing promotion capabilities. Sponsored Session

10.20 - 10.40 - Coffee Break

10.40 - 10.55    Brexitcast - Katya Adler, BBC Europe Editor, BBC, UK, Adam Fleming, Radio Broadcaster, BBC, UK, Laura Kuenssberg, Political Editor, BBC, UK, Chris Mason, Political Correspondent, BBC, UK, in conversation with Dino Sofos, Podcast Editor, BBC, UK

On paper, the idea of four political journalists talking about Brexit sounds like it could be a pretty boring podcast… but Brexitcast has attracted a loyal following and recently won the ‘Listeners’ Choice Award’ at the British Podcast Awards. The podcast is filled with geeky and cheeky gossip about Brexit from Westminster and Brussels. Katya Adler, Adam Fleming, Laura Kuenssberg and Chris Mason are rarely in the same place when they record but they will be on stage together at PODCAST DAY, in conversation with the podcast’s creator and producer, Dino Sofos. They’ll be discussing how they make their chart-topping podcast and considering what the future holds for the format.

10.55 - 11.20    Welcome to Night Vale - Jeffrey Cranor, Podcast Author, Welcome to Night Vale, USA

Even though the fictional podcast “Welcome to Night Vale” (US) has aired for more than seven years it is by far the most popular of its kind in the podcast world. Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast presented as a radio show from the small ‘fictional’ town of Night Vale somewhere in the American southwest. And, it reports on the strange events that occur there. In this session one of the two creators, Jeffrey Cranor, will speak about the creation and growth of Night Vale, about the importance of intimacy in podcasting/radio and how deepening the personal connection between the narrator/host and the listener is part of Night Vale's success.

11.20 - 11.30    Why the Year of the Podcast is already here - Mike Newman, Head of UK Content Partnerships, Audioboom, UK

For the last few years, the media, the podcast industry and seemingly everybody with a pair of headphones has declared that 'this year, is the year of the podcast'. In this session Mike Newman, Head of UK Content Partnerships at Audioboom explains why that year has already arrived and has been here longer than you think. Sponsored Session

11.30 - 11.45 Faking Hitler - Maria Lorenz, Founder and CEO, Pool Artists, Germany

When the diaries of Adolf Hitler were discovered some 30 years ago, this was a sensation. Except, well… they were fake - and led to one of the biggest press scandals in Germany ever. Interestingly, the magazine “Stern”, who were at the center of that scandal have made a podcast: Faking Hitler. German podcast pioneer Maria Lorenz is General Manager of the company behind the project and will explain the workings of “Poolartists”, one of the biggest podcast producers in Germany today.

11.45 - 12.00    Audioinfluencer - Lydia Bright, Podcast, The Brights, UK interviewed by Sam Shetabi, Content Manager, Acast, UK

A new era of influencers: Lydia Bright is a leading example of a TV star who has successfully translated her talent into a hit podcast, in the world’s first ever scripted reality podcast The Brights. She is be interviewed by Acast’s Sam Shetabi who has extensive experience of working with influencers.

12.00 - 12.10    Spreaker Podcast School - Jonathan Zenti, Head of Content, Voxnest, USAChiara Sagramola, Advertising Manager & Content Curator, Voxnest, France

A professional training programme conceived to lead creators in designing, producing, distributing and promoting podcasts in the contemporary on-demand audio marketplace. The training was designed starting with an analysis of the shows on Spreaker, and outlining what are the creators needs to make their podcasts stronger and bigger. Sponsored session

12.10 - 13.00 - Lunch break

13.00 - 13.35    True Crime Panel - Arif Noorani, Executive Producer, CBC Podcasts, Canada, Maria Lorenz, Founder and CEO, Pool Artists, Germany, Sinead McHugh, Host and Producer, Mens Rea, Ireland

True Crime is one of the most successful and fascinating genres in Podcasting. But why? And how can it be kept fresh, executed with brilliance and stay relevant? Three panelists with different backgrounds but the same passion will discuss: Arif Noorani from the public Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Maria Lorenz from the production company Poolartists, Germany, and from the independent platform Audioboom Sinead McHugh, Mens Rea.

13.35 - 13.55    Podcasts in Everyday Life -  Zack Reneau-Wedeen, Product Manager, Google Podcasts, Google, USA

Many millions listen to podcasts every day, while billions more tune in to radio. Zack Reneau-Wedeen, Founder and Head of Product for Google Podcasts, will share his view of the new reality that is emerging around the world as on-demand audio offerings become more comprehensive, convenient, and personalized.

13.55 - 14.10    Title fight: How to land a punchy episode description - Andrew Davies, Digital and Engagement Editor, ABC Audio Studios, Australia

When discovering a show via a podcast app, a listener will look at the artwork, show summary, episode titles and descriptions. They look at text before they get to the audio. To stand out from the other 700,000 podcasts you need to focus on more than just audio. Andrew will share best-practice insights, strategies and approaches taken by ABC Audio Studios to ensure someone does hit that download button.

14.10 - 14.16    Omny - But first, this podcast brought to you by… - Sharon Taylor, CEO, Omny Studio, AustraliaBenjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development & Strategy, Triton Digital, UK

Podcast monetization is moving beyond the live read. What technology is available to publishers in 2019 and what is ahead for the industry? As Head of Market Development for Triton Digital and CEO of Omny Studio respectively, Ben and Sharon help clients from all corners of the globe manage and monetize their content. Join them, as they answer these questions by sharing insights and case studies from their international clients. Sponsored Session

14.20 - 14.40  The New Yorker Radio Hour - Steven Valentino, Producer, The New Yorker Radio Hour, WNYC, USA

The New Yorker Radio Hour is a collaboration between WNYC Studios and The New Yorker magazine covering news, politics, culture, and humor. This isn’t a radio version of a magazine, but something all its own, reflecting the rich possibilities of the audio form. Each week the program translates the work of the country's best writers into spontaneous and thought-provoking stories and conversations. The New Yorker Radio Hour is available as a podcast and heard on more than 270 radio stations in the United States (as well as Berlin and Paris). 

14.40 - 15.00   Coffee Break

15.00 - 15.15    The State of the Podcast World - Adam Bowie, Business Development Manager, BBC World Service, UK

Adam Bowie will give an overview into the biggest and most interesting trends in podcasting from his perspective as Business Development Manager for the BBC World Service. New formats, new platforms and new revenue opportunities – what will we be talking about in the coming year?

15.15 - 15.30    RTL Audioplayer - Christian Schalt, Chief Digital Content Officer, RTL Radio, Germany

As one of the first commercial audio houses, RTL Germany have started their own platform for on-demand content, AudioNow. Why did they do that? What is the strategy behind it? And what are their first learnings only a few months after launch? 

15.30-15.50    What do young people want from podcasts? - Louise Kattenhorn, Commissioning Executive, BBC, UK, Siobhan McMenemy, BBC, UK           

With over 20 years experience making and commissioning content for young audiences, Louise Kattenhorn is now responsible for commissioning BBC Radio 1 branded podcasts. Louise works alongside the BBC Sounds podcast commissioning team, overseeing a range of comedy and entertainment titles, and TV show companion podcasts, for the BBC Sounds app. In this session Louise will talk about what type of content resonates with young people and outline some of the challenges, and opportunities, for the BBC in this space

15.50 - 16.05    Research Youth - Adam Woodgate, Senior Vice-President Media Insights, Dubit, UK

Adam Woodgate of Dubit Research will share data from their global kids' media tracker the audio habits of children and young people. In the study Adam will highlight the role of podcasts in this demographic. What are the challenges in meeting this audience’s need? What devices they use to listen, what they want to listen to and what that means for brands

16.05 - 16.10Podcasting: What’s next? - Maxime Piquette, CEO & Co-Founder, RadioKing and Ausha, France

Let’s take a leap into the future and imagine what podcasting will become. What can we expect? What are the risks and opportunities for the future of podcasting? Sponsored Session

16.10 - 16.25    Coffee Break

16.25 - 16.40   Creating a Podcast Community - Anna Doble, Digital Editor, BBC World Service, UK, Jon Manel, Podcast Commissioning Editor, BBC World Service, UK 

We all love to feel special and podcast listeners are no different. Many podcast fans not only want to hear great audio; they want to feel like they're part of a club or community. They feel much more loyalty to a podcast than to other forms of media. Creating podcast communities is central to the BBC World Service’s podcast strategy. Death in Ice Valley, reached the top of podcast charts, turned many into amateur detectives investigating worldwide and won an award for crowd sourcing/citizen journalism. Here's how BBC World Service does it.

16.40 - 17.00    What I recommend – Karen Straarup, Podcast Editor, P3, Denmark, James Cridland, Managing Director, Podnews, Australia, Louise Kattenhorn, Commissioning Executive, BBC, UK, Arif Noorani, Executive Producer, CBC Podcasts, Canada

An expert panel giving tips and playing clips of their favourite podcasts. After a day full of ideas and best practices – this will be a time to sit back, open your ears and get inspired

Room 2 - Track 2

13.00 - 13.35    Are Kids & Teen Podcasts the Future - Bex Lindsay, Radio Host, Fun Kids, UKMadeleine Nilsson, Producer and Project Manager, Munck Studios, Sweden, Erwan Gaucher, Digital Director, France Inter, Radio France, France

Are podcasts for children and young people the last under-exploited category? With contributors from the UK, France and Sweden, find out what ideas are resonating with young audiences. 

13.35 - 14.10    “The return of the good story - How podcast revitalized audio fiction and storytelling”  - Caroline Pouron, Commissioner, SR P3, Sweden, Monika Maria Kalcsics, Commissioning editor, ORF, AustriaJeffrey Cranor, Podcast Author, Welcome to Night Vale, USA

In the area of podcast the amount of fascinating stories told with all the best tools of radio making has grown substantially. The intimate way of listening and the new habit of the audio series has paved the way for high quality audio productions to bigger and younger audiences. In this session you can meet two producers and a commissioner working with storytelling and drama in times with new possibilities for telling stories for the ears and learn how they have work with new distribution, productions and ways of writing in the revitalized field of audio.           

14.10 - 14.25    All together now! - Robin Pembrooke, Content Production Systems, BBC, UK

Stories from the BBC as we try to balance innovation, and alignment around a common technical strategy for audio, in a world of podcasts, connected speakers, and BBC Sounds.

14.25 - 14.40   Sybel, the new platform for scripted scene - Virginie Maire, Founder & CEO, Sybel, France

In this new podcast universe which has grown quickly over the last decade: contents production, financing and distribution to offer the best user experience are more than ever the challenges for this entertainment industry.

14.40 - 15.00 - Coffee Break

15.00 - 15.15    New approaches to podcast monetisation - Susie Warhurst, Global Head of Content, Acast, UK

Podcast monetisation has matured rapidly in recent years. In this session Susie Warhurst will look at how creators have embraced advertising and sponsorship and are using new ways to monetise their content. She will also showcase how leading publishers from the Economist to the Financial Times are using podcasts as a crucial tool to drive paid subscriptions.

15.15 - 15.25    To grow - Podcasting must solve its Android problem  - Francesco Baschieri, Entrepreneur, Voxnest, Italy

With US monthly podcast listening reaching 32%, measurement capabilities improving and many major shows becoming key watercooler topics for highly engaged listeners, it seems podcasting has finally gone prime time. But look behind the curtain and you find a little-talked-about fact - podcasting is a minority sport played almost entirely by iPhone owners. This OS bias has wide-ranging consequences for the countries in which Android enjoys up to 98% penetration and for the publishers and brands that want to reach beyond the typical demographic. 

15.25 - 15.40    How to protect your IP in Podcasting - Cliff Fluet, Partner and Managing Director, Lewis Silkin LLP and Eleven, UK                       

Radio, music and legal expert, Cliff Fluet, provides the top tips on the key intellectual property issues arising from podcasting including how to protect your podcast as a format, how to syndicate your podcast and dealing with tricky rights issues in relation to music.

15.40 - 15.50    Narrative investigation: crafting the sound of French storytelling - Adéle Humbert, Journalist and Podcast Producer, Insider Podcast, France

Humbert, cofounder of Insider Podcast, journalist, podcast producer. Insider Podcast is a podcast production company based in Paris. It was cofounded by Adele Humbert and Emilie Denetre in 2019. Insider Podcast produces investigative and fiction podcasts. We investigate and narrate long-form non-fiction and fiction stories over multiple episodes in French and in English. Our first podcast *"A Thousand Degrees"* is the first "true crime" podcast in France.

15.50 - 16.00    Daddy’s boy – a podcast on upbringing - Theodor Roldkjær, Podcaster, DenmarkLasse Roldkjær, Dad, Denmark

Theodor is into his second season with his podcastseries called “Daddy’s boy” with and about the life of him and the relationship with his father, Lasse Roldkjaer. “Often when teenagers get advice from their parents they don’t listen. “I want to prove that when you get a piece of good life advice from one of your parents you should probably listen” says Theodor. We will hear about his experiences beginning at the age of 16 with planning, directing and producing a podcast, do his peers listen to it and how is it to work with his dad?

16.00 - 16.10    What is the best format for your podcast - Zeljko Crnjakovic, Producer, Backwater Entrepreneur, Serbia

Željko Crnjaković is an internet entrepreneur based in Serbia. Over the past 5 years he has among other things produced a podcast called Backwater Entrepreneur in English and his main podcast Male Pobede (Small Wins) in Serbian. Creating a podcast in an environment where most people don't listen to podcasts can be daunting. Deciding on the format of your podcast can also make or break it, and you. What are the pros and cons of long form vs short form. Of interview vs solo speak. Which formats is the most listened to in your market and which is the easiest to produce.  Do you need a supplementary video or not. This session will give you some insights and hard questions to answer – for your next podcast idea. 

Coffee break after which Sessions continue in Track 1.

Event Ends - 17.30

Phew! PODCAST DAY has been called “speed dating for the podcasters’ brain” – and now you know why!