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PODCAST DAY Preliminary Sessions

The first sessions announced....

The full timed programme will be available in the coming weeks but as a small taster here are some of the sessions at PODCAST DAY by Radiodays Europe 2019: 

Up First - Neal Caruth, Senior Director On Demand News, NPR The two major American morning news podcasts The Daily (NYT) and Up First (NPR) are the envy of Europe. Senior Director Neal Carruth (NPR) was instrumental in the development of Up First and will share what he think is the secret behind the success of Up First and how to develop formats for other “daily habit” properties like NPR News Now and The Indicator

Winner of 5 British Podcast Awards: George The Poet - in conversation with Edith Bowman, Soundtracking 2019 saw George The Poet winning "Podcast Of The Year” as well as 4 other Gold, and 2 Silver British Podcast Awards.  The judges called it a unique mix of drama, news, poetry, observations, lived experience, experimental ideas and music. On stage at Podcastday, George The Poet will be interviewed by Edith Bowman, creator and host of the multi award-winning podcast Soundtracking.

Brexitcast - Hosts Katya Adler, Adam Fleming, Laura Kuenssberg, Chris Mason in conversation with Dino Sofos On paper, the idea of four political journalists talking about Brexit sounds pretty boring…but Brexitcast has attracted a loyal following. The podcast is filled with geeky and cheeky gossip about Brexit from Westminster and Brussels. The team, rarely together when they record, will be on stage together discussing the making of their chart-topping podcast and considering the future.

The State of the Podcast World - Adam Bowie, BBC World Service - Adam Bowie will give an overview of the biggest and most interesting trends in podcasting from his perspective as Business Development Manager for the BBC World Service. New formats, new platforms and new revenue opportunities – what will we be talking about in the coming year?

Title fight: how to land a punchy episode description - Andrew Davies, Digital and Engagement Editor, ABC Audio Studios, Australia When discovering a show via a podcast app, a listener will look at the artwork, show summary, episode titles and descriptions. They look at text before they get to the audio. To stand out from the other 700,000 podcasts you need to focus on more than just audio. Andrew will share best-practice insights, strategies and approaches taken by ABC Audio Studios to ensure someone does hit that download button.

Creating a podcast community - Anna Doble, Digital Editor, BBC World Service, Jon Manel, Podcast Commissioning Editor, BBC World Service, UK Many podcast fans not only want to hear great audio; they want to feel like they're part of a club or community. They feel much more loyalty to a podcast than to other forms of media. Creating podcast communities is central to the BBC World Service’s podcast strategy. Death in Ice Valley, reached the top of podcast charts, turned many into amateur detectives investigating worldwide and won an award for crowd sourcing/citizen journalism. Here's how BBC World Service does it.

More coming soon...