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Hunting Warhead

A story of collaboration and curration

“Co-productions are becoming increasingly popular in Podcasting as the industry grows and matures”, Chris Oke

Hunting Warhead is one of these co-productions between a newspaper in Norway (VG) and CBC podcasts.

Håkon F. Høydal, VG told the story of how this podcast started. A story of the Dark net which stretch across the world there was a three part documentary on this but Håkon felt this wasn’t enough. The podcast allowed them to tell the full story which included material which came after the publication especially placing this as an international story. VG needed the collaboration of an international partner. CBC Podcasts was a good fit due to their history in podcasting.

Chris described receiving the email that started this collaboration and why the story appealed to him to create the podcast. This was not an easy project to start, he outlines the deal which was needed to get this off the ground, including monetization, revenue sharing and rights management.

Daemon Fairless said that this show is a “highlight of his career” so far. The philosophy of this podcast which was collaboration and curation as this story had to be re-built to make it into an audio story. This needed many in-depth meetings to create scenes that helped get into the complex issues in their research. Daemon and Chris with the help of Hakon moved the story forward as they took up the baton of this story. This also meant that the Canadian team also had to deal with some of the problems that Håkon had. All of this work however has paid off as this podcast has been a success, there is a lot of positive feedback from the listeners.

So what next, well there are many projects in the pipeline in the future, you can here a snippet of their next project which they are working on an investigation of the killing of the Swedish Prime Minister in the 1980s, whose killer was never caught (more information on this in the Can Podcasts go Global session).