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Patrick Couch
Director of Programmatic Audio Strategy and Operations
Triton Digital
United States

Long-time radio veteran, Patrick Couch (Director of Programmatic Audio Strategy and Operations) moved to digital audio in 2008 when he joined Triton Digital in advertising operations and then programmatic audio when it made its debut in the digital audio landscape 6 years ago. Patrick has been integral for both supply and demand to conduct business via RTB. With the rise in demand of programmatic audio, Patrick’s expertise has become invaluable as it relates to guiding buyers to the right inventory. Patrick is an evangelist for the programmatic audio space to both publishers who need help learning the lingo and to buyers trying to figure out audio formats. From the Eastern North Carolina shores, Patrick’s family keeps him grounded with large Sunday dinners and playtime with the kids. When not spending time with the kids there are always at least a few guitars within easy reach.