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Tim Hinman
Podcaster, Freelance Producer & Editor
Third Ear Podcast

Tim Hinman has made himself a household name in Denmark over the past few years. Hinman moved to Copenhagen from England over two decades ago and started with Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) doing freelance production and editing. Hinman is well known for his Danish pronunciation, and it now become one of the podcast’s trademarks. Hinman started the now-famous Third Ear podcast with Krister Moltzen in 2009. All about lifes deepest topics and discussions, taking listeners on a journey through new perception, thought and wison, the podcast had just 100 listeners per episode in its first phase. Recently, nearly 60 episodes later, they drew more than 100,000 for their serialised true crime story, The Woman with the Heavy Suitcase. The podcast has developed over the years, and the stories are now completely in Danish, but the difficulties of the Danish language are a sore spot for Hinman especially now that his own characteristic pronunciation has become one of the podcasts trademarks. One of the Third Ear episodes is being adapted for cinema, a third season is almost ready for release, and he's also working on his own English-language podcast, Sound Matters, in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen.