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Take a look at some of the awesome content from PODCAST DAY 2019

Last year’s PODCAST DAY provided an array of content on Podcasting – from trends in the industry to innovation and the future of podcasting. We also heard from some incredible companies and individuals from the podcasting community. In this article, you can flashback to 2019 and see some of the awesome sessions from our first Radiodays Europe PODCAST DAY event below. 

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What do young people want from podcasts?

 Louise Kattenhorn, Commissioning Executive, BBC, UK, and Siobhan McMenemy, BBC, UK discussed what young people want from podcasts. 

Siobhan said that RAJAR tells us that 7 million adults a week now listen to podcasts. And that 3 million of those are 15-34 years old. She said that 17% of audio hours are now listened to on smartphones, as of Spring 2019. This provides a huge opportunity for podcasting in the market of young people.

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Podcasting Trends

Adam Bowie - Business Development Manager, BBC World Service, UK – spoke about trends in podcasting across formats, platforms and revenue opportunities.

He spoke about Spotify, and their purchasing of companies such as Gimlet and Anchor. He said they’ve become a major player in the podcast market and are taking podcasts seriously. And he said that Google and Apple are placing emphasis on podcasts too. Big companies are putting big money into podcasting, because they see its potential. He reminded us that most of the world are yet to discover podcasting. 

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Research into podcasting for children and young people

Adam Woodgate, Senior Vice-President Media Insights, Dubit, UK discussed their global kids’ media tracker into the audio habits of children and young people.
He discussed the access to TV, tablets, games consoles, laptops and phones that children now have. And he said that children generally have control of between 2 and 3 devices in their home. This could be their own device, or another they have use of. More children have their own smartphone than a TV now.

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How to land a punchy episode description

Andrew Davies, Digital and Engagement Editor, ABC Audio Studios, Australiadiscussed best-practice insights, strategies and approaches taken by ABC Audio Studios to ensure someone does hit that download button. He spoke particularly about the importance of episode descriptions, as what motivates listeners to try a new podcast. His tips were; use facts and figures, key words, quotes, guest names and a consistent tone which matches the audio - to make a listener really care. 

Apple vs. Android

Why are podcast listeners so loyal, affluent and educated? 

Francesco Baschieri is from Voxnest in Italy. He has been looking into podcast audiences around the world. 

Most podcast listeners are from the US and UK currently. And most listeners listen on Apple phones. But 85% of the world’s smartphones run Android. So why are Android users not listening to podcasts? And why is Android doing so badly in podcasting? 

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Sybel is set up for podcasting

Sybel is an innovative Entertainment service which helps listeners find series they love! 

It has been set up especially for families and children. It includes both licensed content as well as Sybel creations and connects people with the right kind of content using user preferences and algorithms. 

For content makers, Sybel offers several new opportunities. It gives creators new windows of opportunities to market their content. They can get their programmes to audiences more effectively - at the right time in the right place. 

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Building systems to make building podcasts easier

The BBC are looking to create personalised content for younger audiences. But, it is difficult. 

The BBC are looking to create personalised content for younger audiences. But, it is difficult. 

Everyone at the BBC understands how to produce linear content. The organsations has built large, complex systems to ensure that programmes get made on time and to a high quality standard. 

But all of this costs and it’s difficult to change and adapt. 

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The future of podcasting at Acast

Since launching five years ago, Acast has helped the podcasting world grow rapidly. Susie Warhurst, Global Head of Content at Acast in the UK, is now working to define what the future looks like.

Acast has helped encourage publishers and brands invest in podcasting. When podcasting started, publishers were still using traditional spot ads. Acast has helped pioneer dynamic ad insertion. And now, this has become the universal method for publishers to generate an income from podcasting. 

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