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The future of podcasting at Acast

Since launching five years ago, Acast has helped the podcasting world grow rapidly. Susie Warhurst, Global Head of Content at Acast in the UK, is now working to define what the future looks like. 

Acast has helped encourage publishers and brands invest in podcasting. When podcasting started, publishers were still using traditional spot ads. Acast has helped pioneer dynamic ad insertion. And now, this has become the universal method for publishers to generate an income from podcasting. 

Right now brands are getting excited about podcasting. Acast is working with some of the biggest organisations in the world, including the BBC, VICE and the Guardian. They are supporting publishers and brands launch podcasts to engage specific audiences. 

But things can be difficult, Susie says: “For brands it is not easy to make great content and not easy building audiences”. 

So what is the answer? Innovation. Acast thinks that if podcasters launch events, publish books and sell merchandise then they can generate enough income. 

Acast is also working with brands and publishers to build paywalls for podcasters, though it is currently unclear whether this can be a success on a large scale.