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Apple vs. Android

Why are podcast listeners so loyal, affluent and educated? 

Francesco Baschieri is from Voxnest in Italy. He has been looking into podcast audiences around the world. 

Most podcast listeners are from the US and UK currently. And most listeners listen on Apple phones. But 85% of the world’s smartphones run Android. So why are Android users not listening to podcasts? And why is Android doing so badly in podcasting? 

Francesco does not have all the answers. Part of it is about user interfaces. Part of it is about exclusive content. Android don't seem to have done enough to attract engage their users. Whatever the reason, the result is that podcasting is not currently “primetime”. 

But things are changing. Spotify has helped Android users find great podcasts. And with Google’s recent movements in this space, things are looking promising for audiences on Android. 

It is a problem that needs to be resolved. Francesco thinks that things need to change if publishers and brands are going to reach mass audiences.