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PODCAST DAY FLASHBACK: 2019 (continued)

Flashback to some of our awesome 2019 content

Last year’s PODCAST DAY provided an array of content on Podcasting. We also heard from some incredible companies and individuals from the podcasting community. In this article, you can flashback to 2019 and see some of the awesome sessions from our first Radiodays Europe PODCAST DAY event below. 

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Creating a Podcast Community
Anna Doble, Digital Editor, BBC World Service, UKand Jon Manel, Podcast Commissioning Editor, BBC World Service, UK  discussed how to build a community around your podcast.

Building systems to make building podcasts easier
The BBC are looking to create personalised content for younger audiences. But, it is difficult. 

Investigating investigative podcasts
​Adele Humbert is one of the first Investigative Podcasters in France. 

Podcasting and copyright
Cliff Fluet is probably the only Copyright Lawyer at Podcast Day today. Why is he here? Well, because podcasters need lawyers, apparently.

What is the best format for your podcast?
It is not always easy deciding what format will work for what type of content. But Zeljko Crnjakovic, Podcaster Producer at Backwater Entrepreneur in Serbia, has some ideas about what kinds of things podcasters should think about when they are building formats.

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