Caroline Pouron
commissioner of SR P3
Swedish Radio

Caroline Pouron is the commissioner of SR P3 at the public service broadcaster Swedish Radio. The SR P3 brand is aimed at a young adult audience. Throughout the years, Caroline has developed strong formats for P3. First as a producer for the successful breakfast show Morgonpasset, and more recently with a string of popular podcasts which have become an important part of the P3 universe. Caroline has an ear for storytelling and is the person behind one of Sweden’s biggest podcasts “Creepypodden” (The Creepy Podcast), an audio-fiction format based on ghost stories from the internet. In 2016 she commissioned a new kind of radio-drama for a young audience, P3-Serie. Since the start P3-Serie has reached an ever increasing audience, with the last season being the most successful to date becoming one of the most listened-to podcasts in the country. Caroline’s driving force is to search for new and groundbreaking storytelling-formats with potential to reach a broad young audience.