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Lenja Faraguna

Radio Advertising Bureau Slovenia helps brave, visionary and pro-active advertisers who give a damn (and have an amazing business story) to experience the phenomenom of their brand tattoing itself into the minds, hearts and wallets of their customers by putting real, raw, relevant, human radio ad campaigns on air and teaching them about the power of audio (radio), because we believe radio is the most visual medium of them and shows that words can create a thousand pictures and emotions! 


The founder is mag. Lenja Faraguna, who has a Masters in Semiotics of radio advertising (What is the grammar of an effective radio advertisement) and has start a branding revolution by setting up a new school of marketing called MARCARETING, which believes that the most effective marketing is: CARE! and building a communicity around the brand by communicating H2H (Human 2 human), based on clear values which must be integrated in the DNA of the company and their marketing!