Your favourite show is the next successful podcast - Much More Matador proves it

Choose the TV show you love the most

Much More Matador is a podcast by Cecilie Nielsen (Radio and TV Presenter, DR, Denmark)Matador takes inspiration from Upstairs Downstairs in the UK. It’s been broadcast many times over the years.

Much more matador is a podcast which opens up the TV show for younger viewers and open up the podcast world for older listeners.

A podcast of 24 episodes like the TV show, one host, two guests, one expert.

“Choose a TV show you love the most” to make your podcast around. X spoke to others who love this TV show, she found that all the people who watch this show have the same feelings. This podcast created a community of all the difficult things in life and this was evident with all the emails they receive on the show.

All guests on the show are treated equally which allows people to open up and have an opinion. This worked again as many emails came into about this opinons on the show.

“If you are having fun, your guest is having fun, your listeners are also having fun”