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Why Political Podcasts?

Why Politics makes good content on a Podcast

Along with real crime dramas political podcasts are up there with some of the most popular podcasts out there today.

Political podcasts critique, commentate and lambast politicians and political parties which is all very entertaining. 

While traditional media seem to have chosen ‘sides’, which they often deny, political podcasts which declare openly who they belong to are a refreshing change as listeners are clear on affiliations.

Historians, commentators, politicians, political measurement outlets and academics have all joined the political podcast bandwagon, if only it was a gravy train!

With listeners are gathered from those who like to keep up with current affairs in politically turbulent time. Political podcasts are a case for time and place content as politics is a central theme of the world today.

Some of the political podcasts which are popular today include:

Slate’s the Political Gabfest – With Emily Bazelon, Jon Dickerson & David Plotz

NPR Politics Podcast – Changing presenters

Crook’s Media Pod Save America - Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor

As described in the boilerplate of most of these podcasts, they are set up as an informal chat which couldn’t happen in a traditional radio setting due to certain amounts of irreverence, conjecture, gossip and risqué subject matters. Though serious in subject matter these podcasts are utterly compelling and packed full of insightful commentary on politics today.

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