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What are podcasts telling us about the future of media in France

The media landscape in France

What are podcasts telling us about the future of media in France, Radiodays Europe Podcast Day hears from Charlotte Pudlowski (Founders of Louie Média, France) & Mélissa Bounoua (Founders of Louie Média, France)

France is a country where radio is very strong, 39% of people now listen to podcasts 26 million people.

Charlotte & Melissa discussed their podcast Transfert, a narrative podcast which tells stories that have happened to people. People critised the content on Transfert but you could tell that they had listened to the podcast.

However, it was complicated to moneytise the audience, the French media landscape is not good. In 2018 two magazines closed after two months also Buzzfeed closed it’s offices. Traditional media is in a bad way.

Louie Media is a new podcast company.

Seeing the hype of the video market and other media trends in France meant that the content in the podcast must be good so when the hype is gone there needs to be substance and advertisers.

Research in the USA was priceless to learn the craft of storytelling.

'Entre' is their first podcast about a child who started school, it’s an interview and what it’s like to grow out of childhood. The content is journalism and storytelling in combination.

“It works because the audience is growing fast”

High production values and the narrative makes it work also sponsors and branding.

Their new podcast is ‘Regard’ is a branded podcast which is focused on beauty with Beauty Box.