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Top 3 Best Practices for Increasing Podcast Subscribers Through Social Media

Some great hints & tips from Omny Studio

It can be overwhelming to know where to start to grow your podcast audience, and that there are many tactics you can leverage to accomplish this, including social media. Omny Studio has three simple yet effective best practices you should follow to leverage your existing social media audience to generate awareness, interest, and ultimately, subscribers for your podcast.  

1. Grab Their Eyes & Ears 

With so many podcasters promoting their shows on social media, it’s important to make your content stand out. Leverage Omny’s integration with social video generator, Headliner, to simply share a compelling sneak peak, also known as an audiogram, of your show to entice your followers to click through to hear more and subscribe. Omny’s platform makes it easy to copy and trim your episode to that perfect moment before generating the video for easy sharing to social media.  

2. Get Your Followers to Take Action 

Once you’ve gotten your followers to listen to your audiogram, what’s next? Now it’s time for them to take action and subscribe to your show. Leverage Smartlinks to make it simple for your audience to click through your post to subscribe to your show within their preferred app on any device.  

3. Promote Evergreen Content 

Repurpose evergreen content to continue to generate interest in your show. If you noticed there was a specific audiogram that helped gain new subscribers for your show, is still compelling and has become relevant again, share it - again! 

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