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Talking youth at PODCAST DAY

Join us on 13th June in London

Youth formats and attracting younger audiences are vital to all broadcasters but what is podcasting doing for the youth market? 

At 9 years old Theodor Roldkjaer started his first podcast “Words of Wisdom” with his sister and father in 2012. He has now produced a series of podcasts call “Fathers boy” about him and his father, Lasse Roldkjaer, and their relationship. What has been his experience as a 17 year old producing a podcasts, do his peers listen to it and how has it been working with his father? 

This session is just part of a series of sessions on the youth market in the programme at PODCAST DAY other sessions will include: youth trends, youth behaviour, a panel on childrens podcasts and more for those of you with an interest in this area. 

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