Taking content which cannot be broadcast but can be podcasts - Ina Tenz, Chief Content & Brand Officer, Antenna Bayern

Podcast strategies in a commercial station

Ina Tenz (Chief Content and Brand Officer, Antenne Bayern, Germany) presented the Strategy and Execution of Podcasting as a Secondary Product at Antenna Bayern the commercial station in Baveria, Germany. 

Podcasting started at Antenna Bayern with a true crime podcast which an external team create this for Antenna Bayern. This encouraged a look at the team and who could write stories for podcasts.

Ina said they created all new content for podcast, a new podcast is launching next week on daily news, regional content and on air content which makes up a podcast.

Cross promotion was important for the strategy of podcasting at Antenna Bayern for example dunkle Heimat.

Taking content which cannot be broadcast can be put on podcasts. There has to be a decision on what to put in podcasts and what not to put in podcasts. Ina said that the talent dictates the content of podcasts and their ability to tell a story.

Investing money in big stories and external knowledge to get compelling content and then complimented by the internal team who have ‘their little training’. It’s all a learning curve of telling stories in podcasting, it motivates the staff, “It’s your project and you don’t have anything to lose”.

“Telling stories is the core idea of radio, our DJs were more influencers than storytellers but they need to be storytellers”

This is the chance to break out from traditional radio. Commercial stations don’t have the resources to tell stories but outside production companies are important enable the growth in the area of podcasting. Production is done by Antenna but they don’t get involved in the creative side. But internally the teams are encouraged to be authentic.

In the future podcasts should be part of the radio brand.