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Speaker Profile: Paul Wauters

Creative Partner of Eardrum, to speak at PODCAST DAY

Paul Wauters is a Creative Partner of Eardrum, the world’s most awarded audio specialist, heading up their European office. He has led creative departments in Belgium, Holland, Italy and France and has personally won numerous national and international advertising awards.

15 years ago he teamed up with composer Koen Brandt and illustrator Mark Borgions to create a series of audio plays for children, with a strong appeal for parents, too. The series became a smash hit in his native Belgium, and a bit of a pop phenomenon. The plays are continuously brought to the stage by schools, theatre companies and music academies, the songs are used in Dutch classes, and Belgium’s finest actors are queuing up to be part of them. They are even known to be enjoyed by the Belgian Royal Family, which is impressive as they are not easily amused.

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