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Speaker Profile: Julie Shapiro

Executive Producer of Radiotopia to speak at PODCAST DAY Online

Last week, we announced that the team from Ear Hustle would be joining us for Radiodays Europe PODCAST DAY Online 2020. Julie Shapiro is not only the Executive Producer of this show, but she is also executive producer of Radiotopia from PRX - a curated network of extraordinary, cutting-edge podcasts. Adding to her portfolio, Shapiro was executive producer of ABC RN's Creative Audio Unit, 2014 - 2015 and  co-founder and artistic director of the Third Coast International Audio Festival, 2000 - 2013.

Shapiro has worked for / with the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke UniversityStorylines America, and independent record stores all over the place, 1993 - 2000. This talented woman can occasionally be heard on the public radio airwaves / podcasts and presenting live listening events around the globe. 

We are delighted to have Julie Shapiro at PODCAST DAY, not only for her contributions to Ear Hustle, but for the mark she has made in podcasting, particulary with her involvement in Radiotopia. At PODCAST DAY Shapiro will be giving an industry address on good podcasting as well as speaking with Tim Henman - another well known individual in the world of podcasting. You won't want to miss this!

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