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From Public to Private Podcast Feeds

Find out more about Omny Studio’s secure distribution capabilities

Podcasts are typically created for public consumption but in some cases, you may have a podcast feed that you only want certain people to hear. That's now possible with Omny Studio's secure distribution capabilities. Below are three common use cases these capabilities enable, including premium, specific and sensitive content feeds. 

1. Premium Content – Podcasts as Paid Audio 

Premium content is a podcast that you can only access after a transaction or as a reward offered for monetary support. Recently this has become one of the most common types of restricted access podcast content. The goal of premium podcasts is to offer your paid subscribers exclusive content.  

Omny’s secure distribution capabilities enable you to offer individual feeds to a select audience for an enhanced listening experience, including: 

·       Ad-free listening 

·       Extended or bonus episodes 

·       Early access to episodes 

·       Members-only content 

2. Specific Content – Built for a Unique Audience 

In an emerging part of the podcast landscape, podcasting is the publishing method of choice for a range of mandatory listening purposes, including schoolwork (homework, lectures, etc.), professional development, new employee on-boarding, and more.  

3. Sensitive Content – For When Your Content Must be Private 

If you’re looking to completely lock down a podcast feed and ensure it can only be heard by listeners who are granted specific access to it, Omny’s secure distribution capabilities make it possible to do so. With our user-friendly CMS, you’re able to upload, configure and schedule content to publish via an embed player that can be hosted behind a user login page on a website that you control.  

For more information or to get started podcasting with Omny Studio, contact