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Programmatic Advertising: Monetizing with Creative Control

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By now you’ve probably heard the statistic, according to IAB, U.S podcast ad revenues are set to reach USD$1 billion in 2021. And programmatic advertising is at the forefront of the podcast advertising agenda for digital marketers everywhere. Some may even say that it is the future of buying and selling ad space in the industry and Spreaker believes that the majority of advertising dollars will be traded in programmatic advertising.

So do you want to monetize your podcast? Well, there are plenty of options when it comes to programmatic advertising, you can be sure to find a way that works for you. What you do need to know is that whatever model you choose, you, the podcaster, always have control over your content and determine how it is made available.

Unfortunately, there can be some misconceptions surrounding programmatic advertising, some folks think it is used to fill inventory that is hard to sell, while others believe that programmatic means lower CPMs — this is not the case. In fact, lately at Spreaker, we have seen CPMs in the $30+ range and not for small buys, these are campaigns of tens or even hundreds of thousands of total buys. In short, advertisers are seeing more conversions while podcasters are generating revenue -- a win-win for both sides. 

So WHAT is programmatic advertising? Programmatic is an inclusive tool powered by technology. It is not only highly efficient but it also simultaneously benefits advertisers and podcasters and is more accessible to a wider range of podcasters. A unique feature of programmatic is that it allows podcasters to monetize their already existing content by placing ads in the back catalog, this can be a very significant revenue stream especially if your content is evergreen.

At Spreaker we have developed the Prime Program—a dedicated program to support podcasters, helping them to maximize ad revenue using our dynamic programmatic technology, increase their podcast’s exposure, and streamline the publishing process. The Prime program offers free hosting, marketing support, and priority customer service. We have helped hundreds of podcasters—who may not have been able to monetize themselves— to generate revenue by providing them with the ad technology and support needed for Programmatic Advertising as well as Live Reads opportunities. We offer the Prime Program to podcasters with an audience of over 5,000 monthly downloads. If you qualify for Spreaker Prime and would like to apply please visit - https://try.spreaker.com/prime-program/