Podcasting is gaining in popularity in Slovenia & Podcasting in Serbia – Two podcasters, one opinion

A look at Podcasting in Serbia & Slovenia

Podcasting is gaining in popularity in Slovenia

In the last couple of years there are more and more independent shows that have sprung up. Next to the output of the national radio Slovenia has a vibrant podcasting ecosystem that continues to grow. With the proliferation of smartphones, cheap data plans and the fact that you can listen on demand are the leading cause in the gaining popularity of podcasts in Slovenia. The most cover topics like pop culture, science and politics. Interview podcasts are also popular. The shows feature longer conversations with and between interesting people. Some cover TV shows, some are pure comedy shows and there are a couple of tech oriented shows. The landscape mirrors that of foreign podcasts offerings pretty close.

The older ones podcasts on Slovenian  are produced by people that have a background in media. There is an equal number of shows produced by people with no media training that have taken advantage of the tech that is now available to produce a quality sounding show.

Anže Tomić, podcaster from Slovenia - www.apparatus.si

Podcasting in Serbia – Two podcasters, one opinion

Podcasting is developing in Serbia. There were several attempts to create meaningful podcasts, but most of them were very short lived and did not achieve mass popularity. Most of podcasts on Serbian language are parts of linear broadcasted radio programme. Comedy, current affairs, popular science and history are most searched podcast by Serbian listiners.

Here are 3 questions for Željko Crnjaković, business tips  podcast “Backwater enterpreur “ and Daško Milinović, comic show “Daško & Mladja”.

1. Is podcasting popular in Serbia and why?

Daško: Not as much as in the US. Popularity of the format is growing. I guess it must be due to limited and increasingly more limited freedom of expression in Serbia. Media is in its almost all time lowest stage here, these days. Also, the access to mobile network internet is helping a lot.
Željko: The reason for the lack of this form of content is that podcasts cannot be that easily monetized, or reach a significant audience, especially when targeting the local audience, mostly because the audience is not used to consuming audio only - even though many people claim to follow foreign podcasts.

2. What are your podcast about?
We are not just a podcast but also a streaming radio mornig show. We cover current affairs and politics/social themes. Also, we take a lot care about music and we wanna present our listeners with not so common but catchy and good music. We publish each show as a podcast.

Željko: Backwater Entrepreneur is my first project intended for the worldwide audience,  started just a few weeks ago. The podcast is in English, and is focused on anyone building a business on the global marketplace - where no matter where you are, if you are targeting the global marketplace, you are in the backwater. It is a combination of the previous two projects - being primarily a podcast in short form, but with an option of viewing it on YouTube.

3. Who are the people producing them (team, one man)?

Daško: Two of us doing the entire production. Live and podcast. Daško Milinović and Mladen Urdarević.  Our audience are educated people ages 20-70. Liberal/left leaning folk. 

Željko: The podcast is produced by me only, and I have one assistant helping me in video editing and creating some teasers for promotional purposes. My target audience are entrepreneurs, business people, as well as anyone who wants to improve their business, productivity, mindset.



With thanks interviews by Goranka Jednak, RAB Serbia - Radiodays Europe Partner Organisation