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Podcast Recommendations: Spain

Spanish-speaking podcasts for everyone (if you speak Spanish)

In keeping with the international theme of Podcast Day, here are a list of recommended podcasts out of Spain. From stories of Latin America to human psychology, there's something for everyone. If you aren't a Spanish speaker, maybe one of these podcasts will be a nice incentive to start learning!

Nadie Sabe Nada

A podcast about just about everything, and anything. Comedians Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero explore a variety of topic areas.

Radio Ambulante

This show explores stories of Latin America. This work was a collaboration between artists all over the region, including the United States. 

Entiende Tu Mente

An independent podcast of psychology - in which one can slowly, week by week, understand themselves a little better.

Carne Cruda

A radio and podcast program that critiques and discusses topics within various themes including cultural innovation, social activism, politics, reality, humour and music, through critique and discussion.

Las Raras 

An independent podcast that tells nonfiction stories they call "Freedom Stories." They are inspiring stories of people who, with their actions and life decisions, defy the norms, rebel against the status quo and thus extend the limits of what is possible. The podcast covers topics such as feminism, environment, art, education, love, family, motherhood, migration, human rights and more.

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