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Podcast Recommendations: Relationships

It's that time of year... Happy Valentine's Day!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (here’s the reminder if you had forgetten to order flowers), here are some of the top & trending Relationship podcasts. There’s an interesting mix of relationship advice and discussions of generational differences in the dating world, and so much more.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Multiamory Podcast
Conventional relationship advice is toxic and outdated. We offer new ideas and advice for multiple forms of love: everything from conscious monogamy to ethical polyamory and radical relationship anarchy. 

Down to Date with Kendall Long
Welcome to Down to Date, the only podcast where Bachelor in Paradise's Kendall Long (and you!) listen to two complete strangers on a first date inside a recording studio! Listen to potential couples attempt to summarize their life stories in one minute, debate each other on ridiculous topics such as, "Is a hotdog a sandwich?" and answer questions you're positively NEVER supposed to ask on a first date - all for the purpose of finding out if they guessed it...Down to Date!  

Beyond Bitchy: Mastering the Art of Boundaries
Beyond Bitchy: Mastering the Art of Boundaries is a weekly podcast hosted by Vicki Tidwell Palmer, LCSW, author of Moving Beyond Betrayal, and the creator the 5-Step Boundary Solution process. Beyond Bitchy dispels the common misperception that boundaries are selfish, rigid, and controlling, and offers a fresh vision of personal limits as a source of freedom and liberation. Get expert information about how to identify, create, and establish effective personal and relationship boundaries.

After the Hookup
After The Hookup Podcast brings awareness to positive relationships, how to detox from a toxic past, and promote relationships that are whole, healthy, and thriving. After the Hookup is a challenge of the mind, the focus and the ability to build longer lasting relationships in any aspect of your life. Enjoy and please leave us comments and questions and we will do our very best to get to them. Important Links: (Newsletter Signup) www.inst ...

Couple Things with Shawn and Andrew
Former Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson and NFL player Andrew East sit down to share their most vulnerable sides and open up like they never have before. Tune in to hear one of the most celebrated couples on social media walk you through some of their most memorable moments together. Get ready to laugh and cry as you hear some of the most embarrassing and raw stories that have never before been shared.

Guys Next Door
Join the guys Mack Wilds, Mouse Jones, and FlyRy as they guide us through a in depth look on this generation’s thoughts on love, relationships, sex, and everything in between. If you’ve ever wanted to know what went through the minds of ladies, gentlemen, kings, queens, f*ck boys and girls alike, just come and knock on our door. This is Guys Next Door.

Women, Men & Relationships
Women, Men & Relationships is a show focused on love, dating, relationships, passion, sex, sexuality, divorce, marriage, self confidence, passion, communication, couple's therapy, understanding men and women and self care.

RISE Together Podcast
RISE Together is more than just a conversation about this relationship. Each episode is filled with tangible advice that will get you and your partner to be the best version of yourselves. Hosted by New York Times Bestselling Author and Hollis Co CCO Rachel Hollis and Hollis Co CEO Dave Hollis.

Relationship Advice
I Do Podcast interviews today’s most successful and inspiring relationship experts, therapists and couples. Hosted by Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz, I Do Podcast is all about inspiring young couples to create a fulfilling and happy relationship. Our weekly podcast will give you great advice to improve your relationship and fun ways to keep the spark alive. 

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