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Podcast Recommendations: Barcelona

PODCAST DAY is showing some extra love to Barcelona this week!

With the cancellation of Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona, Radiodays Europe PODCAST DAY is showing some extra love to Barcelona this week. Barcelona is the capital of Spain's Catalonia region, known mostly for its architecture (including the Sagrada Familia and other works by the Antoni Gaudí, as well as its art, including Picasso and Jean Miró. The city sits on the Mediterranean ocean and home to people from all around the world (mostly due to its fantastic weather). A bilingual region where both Catalan and Castellano is spoken, it is also home to one of the most famous football clubs in the world - FC Barcelona. Have you heard of them?

In honour of the beautiful city of Barcelona, which is also home to a few members of the Radiodays Europe team - here are some of the most popular Catalan podcasts or podcast programs out of Catalonia. 

Catalunya Radio Podcast 
You may be familiar with Catalunya Radio. They have created a catalogue of podcasts which include all their best content from their programs. From interview to reports and a variety of themes including comedy, politics, cinema and arts, and even an FC Barcelona category for lovers of football.
Devoted to sharing the best podcast content from Catalonia, has categorised all the best Catalan content and offers a variety of content including cooking, economic, childrens, weather, nature and technology. If you speak Catalan, this is perfect for you.  

La Sontana 
La Sotana is a sports program that describes itself as a show "that is, football, that is, Barça, that is, Messi. 100% free of journalists, this is a space where Barça news is analyzed as it deserves: warmly and warmly, without any rigor or pretense that it offers its listeners an hour of free radio, away from the usual tone and clichés to sports information and blah, blah, blah." Once again, showing the connection between Catalan culture and football. 

Gent de Merde
Clàudia Rius, Paula Carreras, Rita Roig and Ophelia Carbonell interviewing various people who are well known in Catalonia.

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