PODCAST DAY Survey 2018

High scores for PODCAST DAY 2018

Attendees just loved the Podcast Day 2018 in Copenhagen. The attendees average score was a magnificent 4,2 on a 1-5 scale, shows a survey.

90% gave a 4 or a 5, very satisfied or satisfied, as their overall judgement of their Podcast Day experience, according to the Kantar-Sifo post conference survey. Attendees were especially satisfied with content and speakers as well as with the conference venue.

The 2nd Podcast Day was held in June at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen. All you want to know about Podcasting in one day, with a more fast-paced format than the annual Radiodays Europe. Lots of topics and speakers in a short time.

Among the highest rated speakers were Ben Chapman from the BBC and Cariad Lloyd, Griefcast, and winner of the British Podcast Awards. Other highly rated speakers were the Swedish podcasters Jack Werner and Cecilia Düringer.

300 participants from 22 countries attended the 2nd Podcast Day, mostly from radio and podcasting businesses, but also from newspapers, streaming services and podcast platforms, like Spotify. 53% were male, 47% female and 71% were between 30 and 49 years old.

Registration is now open for PODCAST DAY by Radiodays Europe, 13 June 2019, London, UK Register Here!