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People gather round the radio to listen to Creepy Podcast

Listeners created content for the Creepy Podcast

A Camp Fire with 120 000 Participants was the subject for podcaster Jack Werner (Producer, The Creepy Pod, Sweden) at Radiodays Europe Podcast Day.

Jack Warner found a clip on Youtube of people sitting round together listening to his podcast. He described how he started his podcast and how he gathers content. His telling of ghost stories was where he started but now he uses the ghost stories written by listeners.

“There are now a lot of hours of Creepy stories out there for people”

Jack showed how many listeners he gets on release of a podcast and on the weeks when there are no new podcasts (60,000).  There are now 91 podcasts available, young women enjoy this podcast 61% of his listeners especially 18-34 year olds.

“I have very young listeners”

This is about storytelling, it’s not acting! But this isn’t about actors it’s about storytelling in voices with passionate voices. “

“When you act a story you take away the feelings from the listener”

There are minimum sound effects and music but there is some for the production of the podcast.  Email is the most important communication method with listeners, Jack also publishes the script of the episode which is not normal in Sweden.

The most interesting thing about social media has been that listeners have independently created a Facebook page to discuss the episode of the podcast. This is about them creating a feeling on social media of ownership of the podcast. This independent Facebook page gives great feedback on the podcast.

“Everyone who sends an email gets a reply…especially when it’s 12 to 13 year olds who send me a ghost story”

It’s a campfire and getting feedback after the campfire is important. The podcast is produced by a very experienced producer – Ludvig Josephson.

Jack showed the reaction growth per episode, they tracked the anticipation and this meant a new contract and it was the listeners who were thanked for this new contract!