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Meet the team behind The Comb at PODCAST DAY

BBC's first podcast for young podcast listeners in Africa


Combing The Continent – Podcasting In Africa

Meet the team behind The Comb - the BBC’s first podcast created specifically for young podcast listeners in Africa. Presenter Kim Chakanetsa and producer Mary Goodhart will be discussing this exciting time for podcasting in Africa. They will talk about how The Comb is reaching its audience and trying to bring new listeners to podcasting. The Comb, from the BBC World Service and BBC Africa was launched in July 2020.

Kim Chakanetsa, Presenter, The Comb

Kim Chakanetsa is an award-winning journalist from Zimbabwe. She joined the BBC in 2013 after working for CNN International and Associated Press. She presents the new BBC World Service podcast, The Comb. She also presents The Conversation, which brings together women from different countries who have a shared profession, passion or experience.

Mary Goodhart, Producer, The Comb

Mary is a journalist with the BBC in London, and produces The Comb. She has a background in international news, and previously worked in research with a specialism in international law and African affairs.

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