Making a Podcast is like Conducting a Symphony - Signe Mansdotter, Sound Designer and Podcaster, Denmark

Content and design combine to make a podcast

Making a Podcast is like Conducting a Symphony, Signe Mansdotter (Sound Designer and Podcaster, Denmark) says that making a podcast is like conducting a symphony but really it's actually conducting a secret symphony.

Content and design combine to make a podcast. The core of the programme is the base, how does the podcast make people feel with where Signe starts making her podcast. The most recent podcast was on a lottery ticket which was never claimed and the people who think they are the rightful owners of the lottery ticket. The story encompasses tragedy, melancholy, comedy, drama, narrative and many more emotions but how do you make this into sound.

There is a theme song which needs to tell the story and at the same time create an atmosphere. Because there are many themes in this podcast two theme songs were composed by Signe. She explained how both were created and why.

The theme of the podcast helps the listener to stay safe and reconnect if they stop listening. Also the theme holds the key to the emotions of the podcast especially with a long series, it also acts as a trigger when to start to listen to the podcast again.

As a sound designer the goal for me is to get from many distractions to a clear path so that people can listen easily to a podcast.

“There are a thousand ways to use sound in a podcast”

Signe the secret conductor!