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International Podcasts: Slovenia

This week we dive into the Top 5 Podcasts in Slovenia

This week our international Podcast snapshot is on Slovenia. Did you know that Slovenia has the most developed podcast scene throughout the Balkan region?

Here are the Top 5 Slovenian Podcast Productions...

1. Radio Ga-Ga
A parade train of Slovenian radio daily current and political satire. Usually a humorous but often overbearing binding show

2. Metin čaj
Metin čaj is a podcast about the good and bad practices in the media, about new technologies and future trends.POINT OUT Weekly

3. Zakulisje
Zakulisje behind the scenes of some of the most famous and interesting Slovenian entrepreneurial stories.

4. Appartus pogovori
Conversations where legitimate members of society tell what they are doing in life. Anže Tomić asks.

5.POINT OUT Weekly
POINT OUT Weekly show for marketers / marketers and others interested in digital marketing and looking for inspiration, ideas and tips.

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