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International Podcasts: Serbia

Serbian Top 5! 

Top 5 Serbian podcast productions. There's a variety of content for entrepreuneus to fans of Novak Djokovic (go figure!)

1. Male pobede
Welcome to Small victories, podcast about education, motivation and cool topics for entrepreneurs with tips and tricks in digital communication. Every working day.

2. Alarm sa Daškom i Mladjom
Lots of fun! Just like on radio in the morning.

Our mission is to educate and motivate entrepreneurs, and all of you who want to become one.

4.Naš biro
Fun and informative podcast for Ex-Yu people who lives on Middle East.

5.Originalni glas
Original Magazine is platform lunched by Novak Djokoić Foundation for creative and bold people who are looking for great content, learning and  original stories. Podcast Originalni glas is conducted by Jelena Djoković.