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International Podcasts: Ireland

5 podcast productions that tackle some big issues

This week we have 5 podcast recommendations for you from Ireland. Rather than the top shows from the country, these are ones aimed at niche audiences, tackle social and cultural problems and break the mould. Let us know your thoughts on socials! 

The Blindboy Podcast
Blindboy Boatclub (real name Dave Chambers) is a comedian, social commentator and one half of Irish comedy hip-hop duo The Rubber Bandits. His podcast includes comedy, interviews, short features but it is not unusual for it to tackle weighty issues as well. He has covered everything from Brexit, housing crisis, vulture funds to drug taking, drinking brandy and plugging his gigs as Christmas presents.

An Irishman Abroad
In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writers, actors, performers, sports persons or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of Ireland and abroad. An Irishman Abroad is a previous winner of the iTunes Store's Best New Audio Podcast Award.

Having grown from a twitter account @theIrishFor, which shared Irish language words and phrases,  MotherFolcóir is now a book and a podcast. Its focus is that Irish is not a dead language and discusses topics like feminism, economics and literature all with some connection to the Irish language.

A daily sports podcast where listeners tune in for in excess of 90 minutes each day. It’s a breakfast sports show  which begins at 7.30am featuring sports news, reactions and analysis.

Beat Girl Talk
Beat’s Girl Talk is a monthly Podcast brought to you by Beat 102-103 presenters Trishauna Archer and Shonagh Lyons. For the past two years the girls have opened up about everyday issues affecting women and shared their own stories. From heartbreak to honest career conversations and giving their 16 year old selves some sound advice, there is no topic out of bounds for the girls. They are both firm believers in the idea that when women support each other incredible things happen. 

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