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International Podcasts: France

Women are using podcasting to break barriers and change the narrative in media

This week's international snapshot is on France. According to this article from the Bello Collective, more than 80% of the podcast studios founded in France in the last three years are owned by women or have at least one female founder, and 35% of the top 200 podcasts on France’s Apple Podcast charts are produced or hosted by women, compared to just 10% in the US. 

At Radiodays Europe PODCAST DAY, we are passionate about inclusion and diversity. The Bello Collective write that "many of these podcasteuses (French for female podcaster) are former print and digital journalists, finding solace in a new medium where they can take the lead. Whether they’re using narrative formats to transport listeners, or interviews and roundtable discussions to have frank conversations about culture and society, these women are using podcasting to break barriers and change the narrative around women in media." 

Two podcast powerhouses behind this podcast movement in France are House of Podcasts and Louie Media. 

House of Podcasts was also founded in the Spring of 2018 with one purpose: to share stories that haven’t been heard before. Founders Françoise Nottrelet and Qéhie Jasari come from the film and television.

Louie Media was founded in early 2018, Charlotte Pudlowski and Melissa Bounoua. Louie Media is a studio dedicated to creating narrative podcasts, after quitting their jobs at Slate France

Here are some of the podcasts being produced by House of Podcasts and Louie Media. 

House of Podcasts - 

Spritz, is a podcast hosted by Françoise Nottrelet gives voice to inspiring personalities from different backgrounds. Both raw and intimate Spritz highlights personal and often atypical journeys. No story is perfect, but each is unique. 

Déesses, this podcast is a conversation with several voices on the "Transversality of Cultures". In each episode, Qéhie Jasari and Françoise Nottrelet welcome a guest who provides insight and personal vision on the subject.

L’instant Sophro​, "Sophrology allows a better understanding between your body and your head." A collection of 10 sophronizations to listen to to help you live your daily life better. For the past 4 years, Léa has been an RNCP certified sophrologist and a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie. These sophronizations are intended for adults and children. They concern us all. They can make you think of a friend who is a little stressed or a child who has trouble falling asleep, if this is the case do not hesitate to share with your entourage the link of this collection.

Louie Media - 

Une Autre Histoire is a History podcast that gives women back the place that has been taken from them. 

The 1st season in 6 episodes tells you about the birth of cinema through the figure of Alice Guy.

The Book Club is a podcast that helps you renew your library. 
Readers welcome us to their homes to make us discover what is on their shelves and share three books that matter to them. Every other Tuesday. 

Emotions is a podcast to understand why you are feeling what you are feeling, and easily understand the emotions you are experiencing. Every second Monday, Cyrielle Bedu dissects an emotion with the help of experts and stories.

Manger is a podcast that looks at our eating habits.

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