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How did Acast become a success from the start – they made it up!

An honest look at the success of Acast and the podcast market

Monetising the podcast market is a key topic for all podcasters and Joe Copeman (Director of Sales, Acast, UK) gave his thoughts on this area to the audience of Radiodays Europe Podcast Day.

The Football ramble was the first podcast they signed, then there was the Distraction Pieces Podcast.  Eurosport were the first advertisers and after which some great branded podcasts got commissioned.

Joe noted there was very little traction with media agencies but on signing the FT that changed. And then “My Dad Wrote a Porno” was the next podcast signed but selling it was difficult due to the name!

Working with media agencies who had the major bugets was key. Acast also needed to educate the MAs about podcasts and after a while there were not only sponsorships but also Ad sales coming in.

There were very high CPMs the reason for this is podcasts are the ‘Cinema for Audio’.

“You have to give the spoken word your undivided attention”

In sponsoring a podcast you get access to talent without the cost, this allowed people why the high cost of CPMs.

Targeting podcasts allow people to understand how to buy into podcast advertising sales.

“Brands are coming into the (podcast) space thick & fast”

Advertisers need to track podcasts and this can be done now. Acast also want honest & transparency so advertisers know they are getting what they have paid for.

Joe noted the audience for podcasts has now massively changed, it used to be white men and techies but now 1 in 3 in the UK listen to podcasts. 21% of podcast listeners started in the last few months and also the youth market is growing fastest with 12-24 year olds are the highest growth area and it's almost an even split 50/50 women and men listening to podcasts. Listeners are highly educated, affluent, and influential. The most interesting thing about podcasts are listeners who are ‘normally’ hard to reach.

“There is a podcast for every listener and every advertiser”

Leading influencers are so important in the podcast space, youtube, instagramers and other key people are starting podcasts. 

Advertisers what to know how podcasts work and are they effective. In Sweden Acast has developed a chart of podcasts which is great for advertisers.

Creativity needs to fit the podcast adverts not just be a straight cross over from radio as they are two different areas.

It’s important with branded podcasts that they have a compelling story to tell.

Joe's final take away was that podcasts work hand in hand with radio which was a great note to end on!