A Historical Podcast with a Difference - P3 History from Denmark

A historical podcast with a difference

Bringing history to life to a young audience was the theme of the presentation by Cecilia Düringer, History teacher and the narrator of P3 History.

P3 history podcast is produced by Munck, “the podcast came to life which was education, attract young people and be an instant success”.

In the first six months this podcast reached a million downloads in a country of 10 million people.

Cecilia again continued with the theme of Radiodays Europe Podcast Day which is podcasting is all about storytelling.

Each episode focuses on a historical character to bring to life the content. There are three voices in the podcast a host, an expert and a voice to dramatize segments of the podcast. The story focuses on a person which “opens history to a listener who may not be interested in the story from the beginning.” The main focus is to make sure the podcast is never boring.

The podcast focuses on the modern and uses a modern sound scape, not traditional sounds like carts and horses. This includes using modern music for dramatization. They mix and match sounds and music out of context but strengthens the audioscape.

“Picking a different face and tone for the podcast”

Also, using a woman to be part of the podcast changes the feel of the podcast and choosing an actor who isn’t traditional. The tone is playful with the “weird things of history”.

“Pop art more than oil painting” is the visual language of the podcast. In social media there is innovation – a fitness blog on the mongel drinking of horse milk and blood – check out their social media it’s too difficult to explain the fun they have!

This podcast takes a lot of work, this is a highly produced podcast but that's why it's a success.

Also, FM radio acts as the store front for the podcast as it’s also broadcast on the radio giving access to the podcast!