Finding the next Podcast Star in the UK - Launchpod

The winners podcast will be launched in January 2019

Advertisers are keen to work with successful podcasts with a proven audience and household names. Discovery is still a challenge but it’s tough.  This is all background to why Acast and Wisebuddah have created this competition.

That’s why Susie Warhurst (Acast, UK) and Clare Chadburn (Wisebuddah, UK) are supporting new content makers, with a competition, Launch Pod, looking for a new podcast talent. 

The production expertise is increasing and it takes years to craft a beautiful piece of audio”.

Launchpod open for submissions, you have to live in the UK and be over 18. Marketing for the competition has been on social media, traditional media, podcasts far and wide. The barrier for entry is low so that there are as many entries as possible.

Applicants submit via either audio or a script 10 mins is the limit. Audio quality is not judged. There are five judges who will judge the competition all champions of audio.

The best three will go to pilot with all the help in production and promotions from Wisebuddah and Acast. The winner will become a podcast!

The winner will be launched in January 2019.