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A family affair

Theodor Roldkjær (the Son) and Lasse Roldkjær (the Dad) have been making a podcast together, called Daddy's Boy.

They mostly talk about Theo's life. Lasse offers fatherly advice, and every now and then, Theo acts upon his advice!!!

Everyone can relate to the podcast. If you're older then you'll be able to engage with Lasse, whereas the younger listeners will understand what Theo is talking about. 

They both get a lot from making the podcast. Dad finds it amazing that his Son would want to spend anytime with him at all. Whereas, for Theo, he just wants to have fun and enjoy his Dad's company. 

"I don't care how many listeners we have" Theo says.

Theo is also trying to improve as a podcaster. He wants to follow in his Dad's footsteps and become a Radio Producer in the future.