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The Brights Podcast - A full throttle family of fun

A slice of reality in a podcast

The Only Way is Essex is a highly successful reality TV show which continues to air on terrestrial TV in the UK. A big favorite with Millenials it followed the lives of a group of young people growing up in an area of the UK famous for it's strong accent, its larger than life characters and launched the careers of some of those characters who have gone on to become part of the media cultural landscape in the UK. 

Lydia Bright was, and continues to be one of the biggest names from this TV show. "In 2018 she launched the world’s first scripted reality podcast with her family - The Brights - featuring the ups and downs of their lives, alongside her parents and siblings. Produced by Somethin’ Else, The Brights has been credited with helping to bring new audiences to podcasting, went straight to the top of the podcast charts, and has been sponsored by brands including Now TV, Bose and Deliveroo".

Imagine having your family's kitchen table conversations aired on a podcast intrusive maybe but a fun and frank podcast that is heartwarming at the same time as often being a bit bonkers - like most families! Lydia is joining PODCAST DAY to speak about what it takes to make your family sit still long enough to record their every day lives for a podcast and why it has been a success. 

You can listen to the wonderful 'Brights' here

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