Binging on Binge Audio

Trying to create “unmissable” content 

Joel Ronez (Co-Founder at Binge Audio in France) is trying to create “unmissable” content for his podcast network.

The Binge Audio business started in 2015 and has risen with the tide of the podcast industry. They produce, edit and distribute podcasts trying to engage listeners around the world. Speaking at Podcast Day, Joel provided the audience with some suggestions on how to grow a podcast business.  

It takes a lot of time to grown an audience. “There is nothing viral about podcast growth”, Joel said. This can mean difficult conversations with producers and brands. But honest discussions are what is needed if you want to engage a loyal audience and create a business.

New businesses need to be radical. “If you simply replicate what others are already doing, then you won’t make any headway”, said Joel Ronez. So push the boundaries of what’s acceptable and don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers en route.

You need to create real human conversations and edit them, said Joel, so that everyone knows where they are going in the podcast. If the content is not focussed then it will lose the audience. Yes, listeners enjoy friendly relaxed conversations, but these conversations need to be led by a host. .

Driving discovery is vital for ensuring podcast audience growth. If you want to grow your business then you must strategise and see all your podcasts as one network. They are not islands.

With many new podcast groups popping up and new business models being made, there is no “correct” business model, but Binge Audio is leading the way and making things a lot easier for others.