Add a Podcast Masterclass - Monday 11 June

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Add a Podcast Masterclass! Monday 11 June 14.30-16.30 Masterclass: 2 hours

If you want to get more out of your PODCAST DAY you can sign up for a MASTERCLASS on Monday afternoon 11 June, prior to the PODCAST DAY on the 12th.  Masterclasses are held at DR (Danmarks Radio), Metro: DR-Byen.

Masterclasses are available for an extra fee, if you have a PODCAST DAT ticket. Limited availability! First come first served. Price: 52 EUR + 25% VAT

  1. Podcasting: How to Start a New Show

Jennifer Keeney Sendrow (Executive Producer for Multiplatform Content, WNYC, USA)

Getting a new program off the ground takes everything you’ve got: Your smarts, your heart, and a whole lot of coin.  As New York Public Radio’s Executive Producer for Multiplatform Content, Jennifer Keeney Sendrow has launched four shows, a festival, and dozens of ongoing live series. She will talk you through content development as well as the business side of starting up a new program, from crafting a compelling pitch on through to leading your team through the first month of production. Areas of focus will include developing a creative brief, pitching, casting talent, team and talent management, structuring a pilot process, budgeting, setting goals, audience development, and finally, what you need to do to be prepared for success.  Come in curious and you will leave inspired.